Computer Sciences

University of Manchester
Computer Sciences
Christian Bodnar

Generating images from natural language is one of the primary applications of recent conditional generative models. Besides testing our ability to model conditional, highly dimensional distributions, text to image synthesis has many exciting and...

University of Science, VNU-HCM
Computer Sciences
Dinh Luan Nguyen

Thermal Infrared-Visible Video Registration For Non-Planar Scenes Is A New Area In Visual Surveillance. It Allows The Combination Of Information From Two Spectra For Better Human Detection And Segmentation. In This Paper, We Present A Novel...

Nanyang Technological University
Computer Sciences
Phan Huy Nguyen

A Corrupted Binary File Because Of A Few Missing Bytes? A Message With A Few Missing Characters Making It Very Hard To Read? Or An Incomplete Song With A Few Missing Notes? This Project Aims To Create A General Solution For These Problems By...

University College Cork
Computer Sciences
Stephanie Murphy

Stress Is An Affliction That Everyone Will Experience At Some Point In Their Lives. It Is What Drives Decision Making And Responsiveness To Change. However, Too Much Stress Can Have Catastrophic Effects On An Individuals Health And Wellbeing. A...

Cardiff University
Computer Sciences
Samuel Martin

This Project Aimed To Create An Affordable Mobile Robotic Mapping Solution Suitable For Building Models Of Interior Environments Using Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping Techniques. This Project Covers The Physical Design And Build Of The...

University of St Andrews
Computer Sciences
Stephan Maier

The Purpose Of This Project Is To Design An R Statistical Package That Enables The User To Recognise Clearly Defined Visual Patterns From (Noisy) Data. The Package Comes With All The Tools Required To Test The Performance Of The Recognition...

Dublin Institute of Technology
Computer Sciences
Sen Jennings

This Report Details The Steps Taken To Complete My Final Year Project. The Objective Of This Project Was To Develop A Web Application That Can Predict The Crime Rates In An Area Using Locational Features. This Project Can Be Separated Into Two...

Bogazici University
Computer Sciences
Hakan Girgin

Associative Skill Memories (Asms) Were Formulated To Encode Stereotypical Movements Along With Their Stereotypical Sensory Events To Increase Robustness Of Underlying Dynamic Movement Primitives (Dmps) Against Noisy Perception And Perturbations....

The University of Adelaide
Computer Sciences
William Gale

In This Paper We Explore Viola And Jones' Seminal Work On Face Detection As Well As Investigating Both Improvements Of Their Work And Alternative Approaches. We Discuss Several Of The Key Flaws With This Face Detector, Namely It's...

University of Sheffield
Computer Sciences
Jack Deadman

This Lab Report Describes The Process Of Performing
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) To Reduce The Dimensionality
Of Datasets. Using The MNIST Dataset As An Example
PCA Is Applied To The 784 Dimensional Data To Reduce It Down...