Authors Name: 
Tadgh Healy
Trinity College, University of Dublin
Philosophy & Theology
Award winner

A Place For Forgiveness In Reconciliation

This Essay Takes On Two Tasks. One, I Defend Lucy Allaiss Account Of Forgiveness From Arguments That Forgiveness Is Impossible, And That Attempting It Is Irrational. I Show That Allaiss Distinctions Between Wrong And Wrongdoer, And Belief And Affective Attitude, Allow Her To Offer A Logically Coherent Account. Two, Construed In This Way, I Defend The Role Of Forgiveness In The Process Of Political Reconciliation Against Criticism From Ccile Fabre. I Offer Counter-Arguments To Fabres Direct Criticisms Of The Efficacy Of Forgiveness, And Suggest That Forgiveness Is Typically An Integral Part Of The Alternative Processes Fabre Proposes: Empathy And Trust.