Authors Name: 
Farhana Choudhury
University of Manchester
Award winner

A Discussion Of Literacy As A Vehicle Which Enables Women From Urban Afghanistan And Rural Nepal To Overcome Societal Challenges And Participate In Society

This Paper Sought To Explore The Challenges Women In Urban Afghanistan And Rural Nepal Face In Attaining Education. An Analytical Approach Was Used To Gather Data From Existing Databases Such As Human Development Report (UNDP, 2015). The Data Was Then Evaluated By Using The Existing Literature To Explore The Reasons Behind The Data Presented. The Findings Show That Low Female Literacy Rates In Urban Afghanistan And Rural Nepal Are Due To The Cultural Practices Within Both Country Contexts. These Practices Hinder The Acquisition Of Education For Females Due To The Patriarchal Undertones Present. However, Women Are Taking Proactive Steps To Fill Their Educational Deficit Through The Use Of Literacy Programmes Which Give Women The Agency To Make Their Own Life Choices And Decisions.