Authors Name: 
Stephen Cox
Trinity College Dublin
Award winner

Jorge Luis Borges and Translation: A Comparative Study of Translated Borges Stories in English

This submission is taken from my final-year dissertation on Jorge Luis Borges and translation. The dissertation compares existing English translations of two Borges stories in the context of contemporary translation theory, in addition to Borges's own translation methods. This excerpt is comprised of my introduction and my first chapter, in which I give a brief outline of translation theory and the different methods of translating literary texts. Borges's translation career, and how his theories matched his efforts at translating texts into Spanish, are also described. The chapter also covers how he incorporated translated text into his fiction. 

It is argued in the submission that fidelity to the author and to the meaning of a text are key for accurate, appropriate literary translation. It is also argued that, while Borges's translation methods were original and distinctive, they do not make for good target-language equivalence—something that is proved by Borges abandoning such methods when translating his own texts into English.