Authors Name: 
Angelica Ng
Nanyang Technological University
Award winner

Comparing Cyberbullying Perpetration on Social Media between Primary and Secondary School Students

In this study, factors associated with cyberbullying perpetration on social media based on the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Parental Mediation Theory were explored. More specifically, this study investigates the associations of attitude, subjective norms, descriptive norms, injunctive norms, and active and restrictive parental mediation with cyberbullying perpetration on social media. Moreover, age was used as a moderating factor in the relationship between parental mediation and cyberbullying perpetration is examined. Multi-stage cluster sampling was used, in which 607 upper primary school children (i.e., Primary 4 to 6 students) and 782 secondary school adolescents participated in our survey. The results revealed that attitude, subjective norms, and the two parental mediations – active and restrictive mediation – are positively associated with cyberbullying perpetration on social media. Age is a significant moderator of both parental mediation strategies and cyberbullying perpetration. Implications and limitations of this study were mentioned and discussed.