Authors Name: 
Robert Sarich
Australian National University
Award winner

Solving Social Problems With Social Marketing Using A Process-Driven Approach To Develop A Solution To Australias Blood Shortage

The Core Purpose Of This Research Piece Is To Apply The Principles Of Marketing To A Social Problem In Order To Develop A Solution That Would Help To Overcome The Issue. For The Purpose Of The Research Piece, The Chosen Social Issue Was Australia's Blood Donation Shortage. The Research Put Forth To Increase Blood Donations Within Australia Leverages Both Social Marketing And Consumer Behaviour Theory To Develop A Well-Rounded And Thorough Solution To A Multifaceted Problem. It Is Hoped That This Research Serves As Not Only A Recommendation For Solving The Blood Donation Shortage, But Also Demonstrates The Effectiveness Of Applying Traditional Marketing Theory To The Development Of Solutions To Complex Societal Problems.