Authors Name: 
Eimear McGoran
University of Ulster
Highly commended

Advanced Professional Practice Reflective Assignment

During final year I studied a module called Advanced Professional Practice in Human Resources. The key purpose of this module was to help each student develop a strong sense of self-awareness and a range of transferable skills, which are pivotal in Human Resource Management practice. The module which had a very strong focus on future employability required each student to participate in a range of different HR activities including selection interviews, grievances and performance management reviews, with the aim of improving each individual’s HR knowledge. The coursework assignment was a reflective essay in which I tracked my progress throughout the module. In this essay I explore the idea of reflection a concept which is continually emphasised by the HR professional standards organisation, the CIPD. Furthermore I also examine my own learning and progress throughout the module highlighting areas in need of further development. I also consider my future employment prospects in an industry which like so many others has suffered during the recession. Throughout this essay I record my thoughts and feeling about pursuing a future career in Human Resources and highlight employment issues that many university graduates face at both a local and a national level. Writing this coursework encouraged me to reflect upon my development and feelings in a way I had never done before. In the past I have always dismissed the value of reflective pieces however this assignment increased my sense of self awareness and highlighted my strengths and weaknesses. In essence it provided me with an education about myself which has ensured that I can more informed choices, as I seek to pursue a career post university life.